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Evgeniya (Jenia) Goulter


Jenia was born about as far away as one could think from the warm coconut tree laden paradise of Palm cove in a city in the far east of Russia called Vladivostok at a time when communisim still had the country closed off from almost all of the westernised world.


At the age of 16 she travelled unaccompanied, 7 days across Russia on the Tran-Siberian railway to Moscow sharing a cabin with several strangers. Sneaking away from home she did this without her mothers permission to stay with an old school friend to prepare herself to strive for her dream and apply to the estimed Moscow School of Arts. After a very competitive and rigorous application process, interviews and numerous auditions she was accepted to the school. To leave home and chase after an impossible dream was without doubt a life changing decision that would shape her life in ways that could not even have imagined.


After several years of what many would today call a very brutal training regime she graduated with the highest classification possible, a Red Diploma in the Performing Arts. After accepting several contracts throughout Europe, Jenia was fortunate enough to recieve an invitation to work in Australia in the year 2000 and jumped at the opportunity to travel to a place that for almost everyone from her country could only ever dream about. Another life changing decision that would bring her love, marriage, continuing to travel the world and continuing to learn and improve her crafts.


​Marriage, three children and numerous international contracts later she has returned to her new home.​ Now a highly skilled fitness instructor having worked in numerous countries presenting her motivational and inspirational style of Pilates and numerous other fitness classes she has decided to make Queensland, and more importantly Palm Cove her new home.


Although humble about her beginnings and the numerous adversities and hardships that she has faced and survived in her life Jenia's is indeed an intruiging and inspirational story. To match, Jenia is also a passionate and inspirational instructor who will not only deliver you amazing Pilates classes, but support and assist you to improve your life through the benefits of what she teaches.

About Jenia

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