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Class Styles

cairns pilates
​Matwork Pilates

Probably the most popularly presented style of Pilates class in Australia. All you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to find a healthier you. Classes focus on posture & body aweareness, building strenth in your core and the rest of the body. 

It is however always important to remember the main priciples of our classes which are working out to your best for how you feel on the day (there is no need to compete or punish yourself), working out with the best and proudest posture, originating every move from the core, remembering to breath and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Trust us before you know it these very simple but very useful tips will become second nature to you.

​Pilates with Fitball

Pilates with a ball is a very interesting workout. It is one of our favorites because before you even realise you are doing a workout, the class is already coming to an end. This class is still Pilates based, but is different as it can help you to access some postures you are not naturally able to reach, with the ball acting as your support. The benefit is that this style of class actually challenges your core and the rest of your other muscle groups more than mat Pilates. This class is a fun way to bring a variety in your workout regime.

Pilates with Resistance Bands and weights 

Another great way to add variety to your Pilates work out schedule. In this class we never use heavy weights (1 or 1.5 kg only) and perform light intensity moves similar to other pilates classes. It looks very easy, yet it can challenge you more than the other class styles as we try to use not only the larger muscles but also the smaller ones you didnt even know existed. With this style we have a few different levels of resistance you can choose from on the day depending on your ability and your goals. All these extra options are used of course with the main goal of keeping pilates principles at the forefront of your mind 

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