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Pilates for Wellness

"I hope that once you have tried Pilates you will love it as much as I do and not only because it makes you feel good and look great, but because it dispels the myth of 'No Pain No Gain'. Healthy exercise does not need to leave you breathless or take hours of effort. This being said, our classes can be perfromed at your level and you decide how hard or soft you wish to exercise on the day. Feel your health improve through strengthening your core, focusing on your posture and using this approach in your everyday life until it becomes second nature and therefore improving your fitness throughout your entire day." - Jenia Goulter

Want a sneak peek of your instructor?

After many years (since 1991) of presenting my very own unique style of functional fitness and Pilates for well being, both abroad and in Australia, I fell blessed to have been able to share my passion in the Cairns area at Palm Cove since March 2014 and Townsville since 2020. It is my pleasure to provide fitness with a focus on core strength, endurance, flexibility, balance coordination and overall self-awareness.

You just need to bring yourself. There is no need for expensive equipment as body weight is the safest and most appropriate for your workouts. It also allows you to then do it anywhere at your own pace to your ability and needs. Remember, all bodies are different and even your own body is different day to day. With that approach in mind Pilates based flow (which when performed on a weekly basis and adjusted to your personal level, depending on your body's needs) easily becomes a lifestyle, and before you know it, your body will thank you for it. Rather than just a new fad or quick fix, Pilates can become a lifelong habit for your well-being which improves your mood, your posture, your heart, your strength, your flexibility, your endurance and most importantly your belief in yourself..

All this will make your mind and body feel uplifted and rejuvenated.

Want a sneak peek of a session at Palm Cove?

For those who are unsure about their level of fitness we recommend that you do a private session before joining in with the group classes. However, all our classes are for mixed levels of fitness and we provide multiple options throughout the class. For first timers who do not book a private class first, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the class start times to meet and discuss your current fitness level with our instructor.


 Each element presented in a our classes in a flow sequence can be done by all levels of fitness as you can adjust the difficulty of each movement to suit your abilities. This create a continuous movement class that a beginner and an advanced participant can enjoy.

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